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Learn from the Master of Yi Jing Time Space Feng Shui


You could be in anywhere and if the person next to you could tell your historical luck trend without requesting any information from you, you might have just met a student from Unified Yi Jing Research.

Unified Yi Jing Research is one of the fastest growing Chinese Metaphysic education academy in Singapore. The academy imparts student a holistic approach to learning and practicing the core of all Chinese Metaphysics studies-it is named Yi Jing (I Ching/易经).


What is Yi Jing?

Perhaps Yi Jing is more commonly known for its role in divination. Tomes has wrote about this subject matter, this has however undermind the huge potential that one could have otherwise unleashed if one is to use the knowledge contained within in all areas of their life. So what exactly is Yi Jing?

Yi Jing is one of the oldest written text, it contains profound knowledge on the workings of the universe. It contains the laws on how nature progress and it's evoluton remains relevant and unchanging till today. Not only does Yi Jing reveal the importance of the interconnection between man and nature, it is also the origin of Chinese Metaphysics Studies.


Seeking success in life

When it comes Chinese Metaphysics, one would not resist but will tentatively relate to people who are caught in the chase of seeking "secret formulas" that could change one's luck within a magic click. There are claims that by purchasing and positioning certain ornaments (often very expensive) could easily manifest success is rampant in the industry. Is it a superstitious talk?

Would you be disappointed to know that there are No "secret formulas"? All Feng Shui and Destiny Analysis formulas came from Yi Jing. It has always been there for us since 5000 years ago. The cosmological concept reveals how we can make use of the 3 major aspects within the universe, namely: Heaven (天), Earth (地), Man (人), to tilt the odds of life in our favour. The framework within Yi Jing formed the tools we can apply to unlock the door to self-discovery, decoding the hidden possibilities installed in our destiny, exploiting our potential to attain a higher degree of achievement in life.


Teacher Youyi and Unified Yi Jing Research

Unified Yi Jing Research was founded by Youyi Huang in the year 2009, with the objective to make this profound wisdom easy to understand and simple to apply. He has trained thousand of students from all walks of life and from many different countries, all of whom has benefitted from his life experiences and from his 15 years of dedicated research on Yi Jing.




Why UYJR is different?

Instead of imparting fixed formula based techniques that yield doubtful results, all courses offered at Unified Yi Jing Research is delivered through a structured curriculum that uses verifiable and scientific approach. Teacher Youyi has made it a point to not only impart the techinical skills sets, but also the soft skills and wisdom that would help students refine their character and become a better person in the process of learning.

This approach not only help students understand the mechanics behind many of the formulas, it also equipped one with the necessary knowledge to offer sound advice that produces constant results.

Mastering Yi Jing Time Space


Thank you letter from Jenny Ng

Teacher Youyi,

Firstly, I would like to sincerely thank you for the time you took to help me in my case yesterday.

Meantime  would also like to let you know that the knowledge you taught in the class is very exclusive! Your generosity in sharing your wisdom, personal experiences and “secrets” are so inspiring - so practical and down-to-earth. I felt you have the gift to transmit everything in simple words despite this being a complex subject.


Thank you letter to from Shanan

Dear Teacher Youyi and Michelle,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to join the Yi Jing class. Honestly, i'm pretty worried that what i had learnt will go into drain as even now i'm still not confident to use Zi Wei Dou Shu. There are too many things to remember and considerations to be made.



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